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Here at West Coast Backhoe, Inc. we are a home grown operation based in Lodi, California while serving San Joaquin County and surrounding areas. Just like our staff and employees are close, we consider ourselves close within our own community as well. We feel as a local business, networking and working with others in or out of our industry is important in an effort to stay connected. It is vital for any business to not just be a member of the community but to serve it also, which is why we are always looking for an opportunity to give back as well. We do our best to support local youth organizations, and find worthwhile causes to donate our time and resources to benefit our community. Here are a few recent looks at some team photos. 

  Our most recent community project consisted of West Coast Backhoe, Inc. proudly  being part of "The Conway Homes Playground" by contributing man hours and equipment to assist in the construction for the Housing Authority of San Joaquin.

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